Landowner Advantages

Maximizing the value of every tree, in every forest.

JM Forestry employee evaluating forest value

JML is one of the most reputable timber producers in America and is proud to be a reliable resource for forest landowners, timber buyers, and forest product markets.

Harvesting your forest land to maximize value and minimize long-term forest impacts is what we do best. A well managed forest continues to grow and generate value and future harvests indefinitely.

Through management, forest landowners can achieve their forest goals and objectives, benefit from periodic harvest income, and recognize increased forest value and improved natural habitats.

JML is a single source, full-service forest management company. We are deeply integrated to manage every step of the process from forest assessment and plan development to timber harvest and forest product sales.


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JML's Services Include:

  • Property & Timber Assessment
  • Short/Long Term Forest Management Planning
  • Site Mapping / GIS
  • Timber Harvesting
  • Logging / Forest Road Maintenance
  • Sales and Accountability Reports
  • Harvest Closure & Landowner Satisfaction Survey