Supporting Carbon Capture

A healthy, well-managed forest will sustainably
capture and store carbon forever.

Your forest has a significant impact on the health of our environment and planet. When timber from your forest is used for buildings and products, the wood being used has permanently stored CO2 pollutants pulled from the atmosphere. JML is a proponent of “Carbon Capture” and the growth of the use of wood throughout the world versus other types of man-made materials.

Grow, Capture &
Convert CO2

Trees capture CO2 from the air and convert it into carbon within usable solid wood.

& Store

Harvesting a tree for lumber permanently stores the carbon that was captured as the tree grew.

Forest Naturally

Carefully harvested forest naturally regenerate after harvests with no need for any chemicals.

Harvesting your forest benefits the environment:

Stronger markets for carbon capture


Clean Water
Clean air
Wildlife habitats